**********SolYMar Tunisia Tango Marathon***********

Price for full pass: 40 Euro / 120 TND
Open registration:20/01/2018
Closing: 23/05/2018
*Outside Tunisia (Europe, EE.UU,…) by email to info@nosolotango.de, Susanne Stukenberg/Germany
*Tunisia/Maghreb by email to ganasdetango@gmail.com/ Shiraz Gana/Tunisia
Confirmation upon payment!

What you get:
+welcome drink on opening / 25.05.
+30 hrs of Music
+exeptionell dancing 💃venues
+ 2x 60 min. Tango introduction for beginners
+ participation on competition for a designshoe made in Florence in value of 200 Euro
+Exhibition of Dancefashion Joan Ferran / Barcelona-Buenos Aires
+Exhibition of artcrafted Tangoshoes NOSOLOTANGO / Berlin – Buenos Aires
+ special Ramadan Dinner (extra, not included in Tangomarathon package)

La Residence Hammamet open air
Sindbad Hammamet on the beach (in & around)
La Médina Hammamet
Villa Sebastian Terrace (to be confirmed)

*****earlybird special*****
receive a 20% discount on marathon & lodgement at La Residence Hammamet within booking until April 15!


+++Dj’s Selection:
Dj Gaia Pisauro (Rome-Berlin) to be confirmed
Dj Leandro (Buenos Aires-Germany) to be confirmed
Dj Shiraz (Tunisia)
Dj Ghassen (Tunisia)
Dj Ines (France/Tunisia)
Dj Karim (Tunisia)
Dj Khaled (Tunisia) to be confirmed

Ganasdetango // Nosolotango www.nosolotango-travel.de

« The Sindbad »:
Singleroom/230 TND/BB
Doubleroom/295 TND/BB

« La Residence Hammamet »:
Doubleroom/BB TND 85
Singleroom/ TND 51
Ramdan Dinner: TND 22